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Toivo Living rents fully furnished and equipped apartments. The service always includes water, electricity and internet connection. We also offer services to help you with your everyday life, such as bedding and towels. You may also order additional services such as weekly cleaning and other services. Services vary based on location. 

Standard rent includes the apartment, furniture, heating, water, electricity and WiFi. The level of equipment depends on the size of the apartment, but always includes at least beds, TV, dining table, chairs, cooking and dining utensils, coffee maker, kettle, microwave, toaster, washing machine, clothes rack, iron and ironing board, vacuum cleaner, cleaning equipment, hair dryer and curtains.

All Toivo Living apartments are insured. However, the insurance does not cover damage to the room or apartment and its movable property that get damaged during the term of the contract. If your own home insurance does not cover the damage to your temporary home, you can also purchase insurance through us to limit your liability.

All our properties work with code locks, so you can always access the apartment with the code. You will receive the necessary codes to the apartment and other doors needed from our Asset Manager before the rental period begins. Keys for trash cans and other places will be found from the apartment or our asset manager will bring those for you.

We clean the apartments between every tenant and collect lost goods for lost and found items. If you have not contacted us already, you may call our customer service and ask about lost and found items.

No worries. Your home insurance, employment insurance or travel insurance will primarily cover the goods or items you may have broken. So you pay the normal deductible. Alternatively, we may charge you the price of a new equivalent product.

We provide site-specific information on how the waste disposal works.

The easiest way to book an apartment is to contact our customer service. Contact information can be found on our website Our customer service will look for an suitable apartment based on your needs and reserve it for you. 

The apartment can be booked by an adult or a business person. The reservation requires a personal identification number, passport number or business ID. We always check the credit history of both an individual and a company. We also need updated contact information such as address, email address, phone number, and resident information.